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The wyzeprobe ( patent pending ) allows you to scope coil on plug systems the fastest way possible.

  • scope all 8 cylinders of the Ford Triton cop ignition system in under 10 minutes with your labscope.
  • works on most coil on plug systems.
  • Gives scope patterns of the secondary, faster than scoping the primary!
  • Find those misfires that dont set trouble codes fast,without scraping your knuckles or getting dirty.
  • Fully shielded to probe tip.
  • capacitive protected to avoid damage to your test equipment.
  • works on all labscopes capable of displaying ignition patterns including the vantage.

Does more than just COP

  • Inductive Fuel injector patterns on some injectors used along with COP ignition. providing a quicker way to verify injector on time, and possible mechanical injector problems.
  • checks alternator diode pattern by simply placing probe tip on rear (ground) case of alternator. Instead of fighting to get to the positive output terminal of alternator.
  • provides a fast method of obtaining a superimposed secondary ignition pattern on conventional ignition, by simply placing probe near (not on) the ignition coil.

Why it was Invented

  • I normally use the Ford service bay diagnostic system to help diagnose intermitant engine misfires on ford coil on plug systems when there is no code set or when mode 6 data doesn t help, as the SBDS has a killer cylinder efficiency test. However my SBDS broke down for a couple months, and with out it i found diagnosing these trucks with an intermittent miss very time consuming and frustrating. There had to be a better method for all technicians to use.
  • To access primary ignition patterns for all 8 cylinders on these trucks takes way to long. (1 hour) with this probe I could scope all 8 cylinders in less than 10 minutes, with out disturbing or disconnecting any thing on the truck.













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